Work in progress

Carol Wallace merges parenting, painting, and geology — with beautiful results

Stitching together community

The women behind Nelson Stitch Lab understand that what they’re ultimately creating is a stronger and more sustainable community.

Nurturing natural connections

  Jenn Gill’s classroom is the boreal forest. Literally. As a teacher at the Kingfisher Lake Outdoor Education Centre, she spends the vast majority of her days out of doors, guiding elementary and high-school students on hikes (on snowshoes when the terrain demands it), mucking about in soil and ponds as kids learn about the…

A world worth imagining

“It’s amazing how many parents have said to me, ‘Thank you for this,’” says Sue. “I originally thought I’d written a book for kids, but it turns out that I wrote it for the parents as well. And that makes sense. Parents need hope for their kids, too.”

Stewards of the world

Mississauga mom Kenda Al Yakobi on how her faith motivates her to care for the planet.

SEEKing adventure & happiness

With her new guided tour business, Sue Hamel connects people to local culture, community, food — and their bliss