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With her new guided tour business, Sue Hamel connects people to local culture, community, food — and their bliss

DIY Files: Get your clean on

  If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you probably know I like to make a lot of the things I use regularly: makeup, body scrubs, face masks, deodorant, produce bags. There’s something intensely appealing about being able to create the things you need yourself. Keeping things clean is also important to me. But…

DIY Files: Homemade Cosmetics

Over the past few years, I’ve been dipping my toes into DIY culture. So far I’ve embraced backyard and container gardening, tried my hand at sewing (which I love — but boy, do I need A LOT of practice), and dabbled with homemade balms, scrubs, and lotions.   One of the many things that really speak to…

Does going green mean going grey?

I want to embrace my natural colour, but acceptance comes in stages About four years ago, I unlocked an achievement level that very few women in their 40s manage: I grew out my grey hair. And I did it cold turkey — no “in between” highlights to get me through the transition. Instead, I just waited. And waited….