Parents with Purpose


We’ve had the pleasure of connecting with some of Canada’s most inspiring women, who give us a window into their lives and the impact they make on their communities.

Climate change

Christine Penner Polle

Christine used to turn her radio off when the subject of climate change came up because she found it too overwhelming to think about. She’s come a long way since those days, having written a book on the subject, and now as a full-time volunteer campaigner in Red Lake, ON.

buy nothing

Amanda Hanson

As someone who started a local group and has become the regional admin in New Brunswick for the Buy Nothing Project, Amanda Hanson has carved a life-changing path for herself, and for her community!

Zero waste

Rochelle Byrne

Rochelle founded A Greener Future in 2014 after coordinating a shoreline cleanup in her community and deciding that one cleanup per year just wasn’t enough. Seeing the sheer volume of garbage on each clean-up, eventually led her towards the zero waste movement.


Jennifer Brenton DeCoste

Jennifer, who runs the folk school, Life.School.House, in her home with her husband, sees a real hunger for human connection in her community and dreams of how connected our communities could be with more folk schools in more neighbourhoods.

Green living

Emma Rohmann

A mild obsession with green living led Emma Rohmann to start Green at Home, a business that helps families reduce exposure to toxins in their homes and shrink their environmental footprints.​


Jennie Eaglespeaker

Having mixed heritage children made Jennie realize just how important it was for her boys to see themselves and their culture reflected in stories. When she couldn’t find many such stories about Blackfoot kids, she decided to step up and supply them.


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