Loving Our Lakes with Rochelle Byrne

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxPxah0hnzs&w=560&h=315 Rochelle Byrne is the Executive Director at A Greener Future and mom to 3-year old Linden. Rochelle’s organization has frequent litter cleanups around the shores of Lake Ontario. But it’s not just about litter. Bringing seniors, teens and even little kids like Linden together around a common purpose, creates a sense of community and … Read moreLoving Our Lakes with Rochelle Byrne

Grief and magic

When Skejl was born in 2001, Tanis and her husband became parents of a child with special needs.

Stitching together community

The women behind Nelson Stitch Lab understand that what they’re ultimately creating is a stronger and more sustainable community.

Nurturing natural connections

  Jenn Gill’s classroom is the boreal forest. Literally. As a teacher at the Kingfisher Lake Outdoor Education Centre, she spends the vast majority of her days out of doors, guiding elementary and high-school students on hikes (on snowshoes when the terrain demands it), mucking about in soil and ponds as kids learn about the … Read moreNurturing natural connections

SEEKing adventure & happiness

With her new guided tour business, Sue Hamel connects people to local culture, community, food — and their bliss

Radical simplification

What Trish Jane and her family learned from life in an RV.

Ontario artist Annette Gaffney turns trash into treasures

For as long as she can remember, Annette Gaffney has felt the urge to create. “There are kids who pick fights with their brothers just to be sent to their room so they can draw for hours… That was me.” After high school, she worked as a legal assistant in Toronto by day and took art courses … Read moreOntario artist Annette Gaffney turns trash into treasures

Tips for Creating Less Waste at Home

It’s a safe bet to wager many Canadians think of Canada as an environmental leader, but despite our image as a country of natural wonder on strong ecological footing we actually lead the developed world in garbage production. We produce twice — TWICE — as much waste as Japan, and — shockingly — 7 percent more (per capita) than the United States! On … Read moreTips for Creating Less Waste at Home

Parents with Purpose: Happiness Wrangler Lola Augustine Brown

With three kids and 20 years of writing, editing, social media, and content strategy behind her, Whole Family Happiness’ Lola Augustine Brown couldn’t have been more suited to the role of Managing Editor for the project. After writing an essay for WFH in the the early days, she accepted an invitation to manage the WFH’s … Read moreParents with Purpose: Happiness Wrangler Lola Augustine Brown

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