Unfreeze Yourself

It’s not that people don’t care. They care too much, and it’s overwhelming.

Growing food and family values

There’s something about understanding just how hard you have to work for a 10-pound bag of potatoes that’s really valuable, and not just in terms of money.

Comfort & Joy: Terri Chu on the struggles and triumphs of home renovation

Long before she became a mother, Terri Chu was a committed environmentalist. As an Engineering Consultant in renewable energy projects, with a masters degree in Civil Engineering, she had definitive ideas about how she wanted to renovate her home before starting a family. Like a lot of century homes, her semi-detached — built in 1907 — was lovely but…

What I learned from not buying shampoo for three years

Hotel shampoo is so cute! But do I really need 30 of these little plastic bottles? Uh, no. I’m not a particularly woo-woo kind of person, but I do believe that everything around us holds a certain amount of energy. It’s basic physics, really: in e=mc2 Einstein told us that energy and mass are related. In…

9 Ways to Conserve Energy at Home

As a mom I often find myself in the midst of a guilt trip over not doing more for the earth my son will inherit. These days most of us accept the realities of climate change. We know we need to curb our dependence on traditional energy sources or face devastating consequences — but knowing something must…