“Even 11-year-olds can make a difference”

I don’t think it’s easy, but I’m so proud of them.

Growing food, growing community

I’m proud to grow veggies on my front lawn, and none of my neighbours seem to mind Front-yard gardening with my 10-year-old. When I first built my vegetable garden boxes, I was worried I would get some blowback from the neighbours. That’s because I installed the boxes — four, 16-square-foot wooden rectangles — smack-dab in the middle of my … Read moreGrowing food, growing community

Let Your Garden Grow: Tips for Planting a Family Garden

Starting a backyard garden is not only a great way to provide fresh, healthy food for your family, it’s a chance to get them outside — working together — toward a common goal. From the breaking of ground through final harvest family gardening sows memories that will last a lifetime. And working in the garden — planting, weeding, feeding, and harvesting — is … Read moreLet Your Garden Grow: Tips for Planting a Family Garden

Connecting in the garden

Truth be told, I am not that interested in getting out into nature. I’m not a hiker, or particularly interested in pitching a tent unless at a music festival, and my preferred interests all take place in the house and usually involve a screen. I know however that this sets a horrible example to my … Read moreConnecting in the garden


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