Less to fight over, more to love

Megan Kelly traded extra space and extra stuff for peace of mind

7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

“Busy.” “Tired.” These modern replies to “How’ve you’ve been?” have become standard in today’s increasingly hectic world. If you’ve found yourself with low motivation, lack of focus, increased frustration, and diminishing patience you could be suffering from energy drain — and you wouldn’t be alone. Luckily there are lots you can do to counter these lows and … Read more7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

Makeover Mama Maria Velve

These days the beauty aisle seems to provide endless choice, but with all the options at hand how many consider the ingredients that go into the beauty products we choose? For Maria Velve, a makeup artist based in Toronto, what’s on the inside began to really matter when her youngest son developed eczema. While researching … Read moreMakeover Mama Maria Velve

6 Simple Ways to Cultivate Self-Care Habits in 2018

With January well in hand and the sparkle of the new year starting to fade we can find ourselves falling back into old routines. For too many of us, that means a return to putting our needs last — even when we know taking the time and effort for self-care means being healthier, happier, and — ultimately, better able … Read more6 Simple Ways to Cultivate Self-Care Habits in 2018


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