Self-care is not selfish

I knew that I needed to take care of myself, to replenish my energy so that I could one day be able to give my time.

Healing the earth by healing birth

Midwife Rebecca Hautala helps new parents find community

Stitching together community

The women behind Nelson Stitch Lab understand that what they’re ultimately creating is a stronger and more sustainable community.

How Ontario mom, Sue Jagt, lives and works off the grid

Sue Jagt is a true pioneer. When they were young, two of her three sons had minor skin conditions, so she took a course on how to make her own soap. By her own admission, the first few batches were terrible. But the Meaford, Ont., mom persevered and kept experimenting. When her youngest son was … Read moreHow Ontario mom, Sue Jagt, lives and works off the grid

DIY Files: Homemade Cosmetics

Over the past few years, I’ve been dipping my toes into DIY culture. So far I’ve embraced backyard and container gardening, tried my hand at sewing (which I love — but boy, do I need A LOT of practice), and dabbled with homemade balms, scrubs, and lotions.   One of the many things that really speak to … Read moreDIY Files: Homemade Cosmetics

DIY Files: Homemade Sunscreen

Now that spring has fully sprung on the East Coast and temperatures have started to rise as days stretch longer, the promise of summer has me daydreaming about (and planning for) a season of fun. Thoughts of long hikes along rugged coastal cliffs and longer, languid days bumming around our beaches or puttering in the … Read moreDIY Files: Homemade Sunscreen

Homemade Deodorant: A How To

Ever since I started making my own body products I’ve wanted to give DIY deodorant a try. I already shun antiperspirant — except in extreme situations — to avoid the aluminum salts that plug pores and keep me from sweating. And I’d love to curb buying high priced pit sticks that travel long distances before hitting the shelves at … Read moreHomemade Deodorant: A How To

DIY Files: Homemade Face & Hair Masks

If you’re at all like me you love the indulgence of an afternoon at the spa but struggle to find the time to make it happen. If you’re a lot like me you don’t love spending the money either so you find ways to pamper yourself at home. For me, that used to mean a … Read moreDIY Files: Homemade Face & Hair Masks

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