Don’t you dare me

How Jessica Eusebio rose to a curious renovation challenge

Loving Our Lakes with Rochelle Byrne Rochelle Byrne is the Executive Director at A Greener Future and mom to 3-year old Linden. Rochelle’s organization has frequent litter cleanups around the shores of Lake Ontario. But it’s not just about litter. Bringing seniors, teens and even little kids like Linden together around a common purpose, creates a sense of community and … Read moreLoving Our Lakes with Rochelle Byrne

Learning to Listen

laura langevin

Laura Langevin is the founder of Echoes in the Attic, a Bradford, ON, company making gorgeous purses from designer fabrics diverted on their way to landfill.

Getting lost in nature, finding herself

It’s about finding ways to calm my mind so that I can calm down the situation

Less to fight over, more to love

Megan Kelly traded extra space and extra stuff for peace of mind

“Everyone was thinking the same thing”

Getting over being the “crazy cup lady”

Waste to resource, on repeat

Tabitha Osler creates children’s weatherwear with a conscience.

Not Buying It

Alison LaMantia’s year of nothing new.

Big into minimalism

Less stuff, less stress, and more creativity.

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