“Does it bring joy?”

KonMari consultant Helen Youn helps moms find joy and reduce stress through decluttering When Helen Youn sits down with a client at the beginning of a KonMari tidying-up session, one of the first questions she asks is, “Do you entertain?” So much of the time, says Helen, the answer is no — “because they’re too anxious and embarrassed about the … Read more“Does it bring joy?”

Hey moms — let’s stop judging each other

Of course Facebook has made it even easier to judge each other. I grew up in a family where judging others wasn’t just a fun pastime, but a moral obligation. As a result I grew up judgy and insecure knowing judgment was waiting for me too. Raised with a superiority complex, I spent my early-20s shaking … Read moreHey moms — let’s stop judging each other


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