Less to fight over, more to love

Megan Kelly traded extra space and extra stuff for peace of mind

Big into minimalism

Less stuff, less stress, and more creativity.

Stewards of the world

Mississauga mom Kenda Al Yakobi on how her faith motivates her to care for the planet.

Tips for Creating Less Waste at Home

It’s a safe bet to wager many Canadians think of Canada as an environmental leader, but despite our image as a country of natural wonder on strong ecological footing we actually lead the developed world in garbage production. We produce twice — TWICE — as much waste as Japan, and — shockingly — 7 percent more (per capita) than the United States! On … Read moreTips for Creating Less Waste at Home

Spring Cleaning: Get Clutter Free in No Time

Spring — despite the late-winter snow on the ground — is just around the corner. Each as year days lengthen and evening light starts lingering long into the night — if we’re paying attention — we get to watch the world come back to life. Like Snow White from her slumber, the earth awakens to the promise that comes with the season of … Read moreSpring Cleaning: Get Clutter Free in No Time


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