Learning to Listen

laura langevin

Laura Langevin is the founder of Echoes in the Attic, a Bradford, ON, company making gorgeous purses from designer fabrics diverted on their way to landfill.

Not Buying It

Alison LaMantia’s year of nothing new.

Inspired by nature

Jeweller Miranda Britton brings the outdoors into her art

Nurturing natural connections

  Jenn Gill’s classroom is the boreal forest. Literally. As a teacher at the Kingfisher Lake Outdoor Education Centre, she spends the vast majority of her days out of doors, guiding elementary and high-school students on hikes (on snowshoes when the terrain demands it), mucking about in soil and ponds as kids learn about the … Read moreNurturing natural connections

Radical simplification

What Trish Jane and her family learned from life in an RV.


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