Don’t you dare me

How Jessica Eusebio rose to a curious renovation challenge

Learning to Listen

laura langevin

Laura Langevin is the founder of Echoes in the Attic, a Bradford, ON, company making gorgeous purses from designer fabrics diverted on their way to landfill.

Getting lost in nature, finding herself

It’s about finding ways to calm my mind so that I can calm down the situation

Self-care is not selfish

I knew that I needed to take care of myself, to replenish my energy so that I could one day be able to give my time.

The sweetness of imperfection

Life is messy, sticky, and sweet – and still highly imperfect.

“Everyone was thinking the same thing”

Getting over being the “crazy cup lady”

Waste to resource, on repeat

Tabitha Osler creates children’s weatherwear with a conscience.

Cooking up community

Amy Kelterborn and her partners feed the soul of their neighbourhood

Inspired by nature

Jeweller Miranda Britton brings the outdoors into her art

Healing the earth by healing birth

Midwife Rebecca Hautala helps new parents find community

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