Getting lost in nature, finding herself

It’s about finding ways to calm my mind so that I can calm down the situation

Less to fight over, more to love

Megan Kelly traded extra space and extra stuff for peace of mind

“Everyone was thinking the same thing”

Getting over being the “crazy cup lady”

Nurturing natural connections

  Jenn Gill’s classroom is the boreal forest. Literally. As a teacher at the Kingfisher Lake Outdoor Education Centre, she spends the vast majority of her days out of doors, guiding elementary and high-school students on hikes (on snowshoes when the terrain demands it), mucking about in soil and ponds as kids learn about the … Read moreNurturing natural connections

Bringing nature to the classroom and the classroom into the wild

Natasha Robertson grew up in the tiny town of Ignace, Ontario (population 1,202). “We lived on a dirt road with three other houses, outside of town,” says the 41-year-old mother of two. She remembers a childhood filled with the freedom to explore outside as much as possible, of wandering through the woods, building tree forts, … Read moreBringing nature to the classroom and the classroom into the wild


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